Protopage and other Library home pages and RSS feeds (Thing 8 and 11)

It was good to be prompted to look at other library home pages.  Protopage and Netvibes give the possibility of providing  more details of our subject collections, so we can send a reader a link to a page with details of books and journals relating to their speciality. The links to RSS feeds for current journal issues are  useful. It is interesting to see that libraries use colour coding to differentiate between  subscribed and non subscribed journals.

Lancashire Care Library & Information Service have used Blogger to create their home page.  I like the clear tabs but don’t like the abbreviations they’ve use as tag titles eg “Cat” and “Jnls”

Even on an non NHS network PC some of the Netvibes widgets/RSSfeeds took a moment to load

I also Explored  Thing 11: Adding RSS feeds to NHS My Library

I thing  Protopage and Netvibes pages are useful to promote the Library journals, books and  services,  but maybe as as an advert for what is available rather than expecting readers to use these page as their own home page. If we show library readers how to set up RSS feeds to their own favourite library journals on the NHS Evidence MyLibrary page, readers will already be logged into Open Athens when they read the current contents and can follow links to read full text of articles.


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